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Research Topics



Materials and Process Design for MLCC

Multi-Layer Ceramic Capacitor (MLCC) is a critical component in 3C electronic products. New materials design makes higher electric capacity possible in a smaller dimension through stacking a higher number of ceramic layers. 

Contact Center of EMO Materials and Nanotechnology for details.



Gigaporous Microspheres

Gigaporous microspheres Taipei Tech developed demonstrate uniform and excellent sphericity making them applicable for chemical, bio-medical, energy applications, etc. Our research team has gained numerous technical improvements and awards. 

Contact Nano-Energy Materials Lab for details.


無機聚合技術係利用鹼性配方液溶出礦物或廢棄物表面之矽、鋁離子,經聚合、脫水、硬化後形成Si-O-Al短程有序、長程無序之三維結構,屬非晶質或半晶質之物質,鍵結以共價鍵為主。 無機聚合技術製程簡單,不需經高溫處理,室溫下即可製備,且聚合過程中不會排放出二氧化碳,因此具減碳效益;此技術製備之材料,同時具防火/隔熱、重金屬穩定化及高早強度等優異之特性,應用層面廣泛,為一深具潛力之工程材料。

Geopolymeric Technology

Geopolymeric technology is using the alkali solution to dissolve the Si, Al ion from mineral or waste powder’s particle, through polymerization, dehydration, and hardening, it will become a three-dimensional framework aluminosilicate material. The manufacturing process of geopolymeric technology is very simple and it can form under the room temperature. Thus, compared with cement, it can reduce CO2 emissions. Geopolymer materials have superior mechanical and physical properties, such as fire-resistant / heat insulation, stabilized heavy metal, early strength, etc. It is believed that geopolymeric technology has great potential for engineering applications. 

Contact Mineral Processing Lab for details.


各類模具鋼材(MS1, 17-4 PH, SUS 304)、鎳合金(IN 718)、鈦與鈦合金(Ti-6Al-4V)之積層製造實心材料(>99.95%緻密)以及多孔材特性(機械性質、物理性質、疲勞性質)研究。應用場域包括:生醫、航太、模具等場域。


Additive Manufacturing (AM) of Metals and Powder-related Processes

The AM processes we specialize in include both powder bed fusion (PBF) and direct metal laser sintering (DMLS) processes. The metals investigated include ferrous alloys (MS1, 17-4 PH, SUS 304), nickel alloy (IN 718), Ti, and Ti-6Al-4V alloys for >99.95% density and cellular structures. We are specialized in the mechanical, physical, and fatigue properties of metals made by AM. The fields of application cover bio-medical, aerospace, and mold materials.

Metal powders and powder-related processes including traditional powder metallurgy and AM are all topics of interest.

Contact Applied Metals Processing Lab / Powder Metallurgy and Sintering Lab for details.