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Honorary International Chair Professor





Prof. Julia W. P. Hsu

Julia W. P. Hsu
International Chair Professor

PhD, Physics, Stanford University, USA

E-mail: jwhsu@utdallas.edu
Scientist,  Department of Materials Science and Engineering, University of Texas at Dallas, USA

Lab: Julia Hsu's Lab
Research areas: nanoscale materials physics, in particular nanomaterials for optoelectronic and energy applications

Prof. Nguyen Q. Minh

Nguyen Q. Minh
International Chair Professor

PhD, Chemical Technology, University of New South Wales, Australia

E-mail: nminh@ucsd.edu
Scientist,  Center for Energy Research, University of California, San Diego, USA

Lab: Introduction
Research areas: solid oxide fuel cells; solid oxide electrolysis cells; reversible SOFCs

Prof. Syd. S. Peng

Syd S. Peng
International Chair Professor

PhD, Mining Engineering, Stanford University, USA, 1970

E-mail: syd.peng@mail.wvu.edu
Charles E. Lawall Chair Emeritus Professor, West Virginia University
Academician, National Academy of Engineering, USA

Lab: Introduction
Research areas: energy technologies; coal mine ground control; surface subsidence; longwall mining. 

Susan Trolier-McKinstry
International Chair Professor

PhD, Ceramic Science, Pennsylvania State University, USA, 1992

E-mail: trolier-mckinstry@matse.psu.edu
Steward S. Flaschen Professor of Materials Science and Engineering and Electrical Engineering, Pennsylvania State University, USA

Lab: Susan Trolier-McKinstry Research Group
Research areas: structure-processing-property relationships in electroceramics; dielectric and piezoelectric thin films; texture development in piezoelectric ceramics; and spectroscopic ellipsometry.

An-Pang Tsai
International Chair Professor

PhD, Engineering, Tohoku University, Japan, 1990

E-mail: aptsai@tagen.tohoku.ac.jp
Distinguished Professor, IMRAMTohoku University, Japan

Lab: Metallurgical Design for Material Functions TSAI Laboratory
Research areas: quasicrystals; alloy catalyst; electronic structure; microstructure control.

Tetsu Yonezawa
International Chair Professor

PhD, The University of Tokyo, Japan, 1994

E-mail: nminh@ucsd.edu
Professor, Division of Materials Science and EngineeringHokkaido University, Japan

Lab: Novel Material Hybrid Engineering Laboratory
Research areas: Metal and metal oxide nanoparticles, atomically-controlled metal clusters, electro-catalysts for energy applications, and electron microscopy.