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International student admissions, please apply here.

Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Materials and Mineral Resources Engineering

      The BSc program at Department of Materials and Mineral Resources Engineering of Taipei Tech places equal emphasis on both theory and practice. The department is the only academic program that integrates materials science with resources engineering in Taiwan. The prospective applicants need to specify either Materials or Mineral Resources Program when they apply. 


      The department concentrates on combining the modern materials technology and sustainable resources to fill our students with the knowledge and techniques within the life cycles of materials. The development, applications, and processing of resources and the compositions, processing, structures, properties of materials are designed in our curricula to direct our students developing practical techniques and academic research careers.



MSc and PhD Programs in Materials Science and Engineering

      The Graduate Institute of Materials Science and Engineering offers Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy degrees. The main research fields of the Institute of Materials Science and Engineering concentrate on the composition, microstructure, processing, and property designs of metals, ceramics, and their composites. The main applications of these materials include opto-electronics, nanomaterials, biomaterials, energy, and conventional structural materials.



Evening MSc Program in Materials Science and Engineering (to terminate in 2022.)

      The evening program is designed for working students who intend to take on a Master of Science degree. The courses are offered on weekday evenings. Part-time or full-time students normally take three years or longer to complete their MSc degree course and thesis requirements.


      Classes begin at 6:30 on weekday evenings, and each course meets once a week. Taipei Tech is conveniently located at the intersection of the MRT’s Orange and Blue lines (BL14/O07 Zhongxiao Xinsheng station). Commuting is easy for students working in Northern Taiwan.